Advantek Digital Management Platform

Digital Management Platform

Best-in-class ransomware protection, asset intelligence and continuous compliance solutions

Advantek addresses the top challenges facing large enterprise corporations today – data privacy, compliance, ransomware, and malware attacks.

Advantek’s proprietary digital management platform combines next-generation technologies with people and processes. Corporations across the globe are turning to Advantek to manage risk, maximize their IT investment, and stay in compliance.

Advantek’s Digital Management Platform combines next-generation disruptive technologies with people and processes to drive strategic growth.

Technology Components

Advantek’s Digital Management Platform combines Ransomware and Malware Prevention (RAMP), Asset Intelligence, Continuous Compliance and Advisory Services that enable you to discover, classify, remediate, and protect your data.  Powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and block chain technology, our platform continually monitors and automatically adjusts to changes in your threat and regulatory landscape.

Most enterprises have deployed standalone solutions for different use cases. Siloed approaches are difficult to manage, prone to errors, and needlessly expensive. Advantek’s Digital Management Platform breaks down these silos, tying together business processes and workflows, enabling our clients to improve operational efficiencies and reduce risks.