Continuous Compliance

Meet your regulatory and compliance requirements with confidence

Advantek’s continuous compliance real-time monitoring solution proactively helps you meet the requirements set by the regulations across your business environment on an ongoing basis. We understand that compliance requirements not only exist just during an audit, but also as part of your company’s daily operations. The proactive approach of continuous compliance increases the effectiveness of control owners while maintaining a strong security posture.

Continuous compliance increases your data governance and privacy maturity level. Using the Advantek Digital Management Platform, you’re able to automatically discover, classify, remediate, and protect data to help you achieve compliance and meet regulatory requirements – including GDPR and CCPA.

Data Governance and Privacy

Data Identification

We leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to beyond identifying and classifying data.

Better Business Decisions

We provide deep insight into our clients' networks and data, enabling smarter business decisions.

Faster Remediation

We remediate and manage data issues regardless of volume, location or source.

Operationalize Policies

We automate processes to operationalize policies, enabling continuous compliance.

We provide an inside-out view of both data and IT landscapes (known and unknown network assets) through our advanced API-based integrations. Our continuous compliance solutions are easy to deploy through our fast plug-and-play implementation providing actionable insights in days or hours – not weeks or months.