Ransomware & Malware Prevention (RAMP)

Focus on your business while
Advantek secures and protects

Advantek Ransomware and Malware Prevention (RAMP) prevents catastrophic failure due to ransomware while minimizing business impact to nearly zero.

In 2021, 68% of Fortune 2000 companies had ransomware attacks. And this threat is expected to accelerate 300% year-over-year. Advantek’s RAMP solution is underpinned with Halcyon technology that dramatically mitigates risk from ransomware attacks for our clients.

Advantek’s RAMP solution provides an additional layer of protection to fill the ransomware gaps that exist with current EDR/EPP technologies. If an attack does ultimately prove successful, our host isolation capabilities prevent data exfiltration while our ransomware key and file recovery features ensure a rapid recovery if all other layers of protection fail.

Ongoing Risk Identification, Mitigation and Remediation

Threat Identification

Quickly identify security device posture coverage gaps and assets in partial and partial configuration states.

Contextually Aware

A multi-layered, contextually aware approach to stop and contain ransomware based on advanced A.I. models.

Pre-Execution Defense

Using our advanced pre-execution neural network, stop ransomware before it can execute.


Built-in self-healing to harden an existing AV agent (a primary attack vector) against ransomware.

How Advantek maps and protects your entire enterprise attack surface


Attack Surface Management

The foundation of security is a thorough understanding of your environment. However, no single system is the source of truth – each system has a different inventory of assets it sees. Only by aggregating and correlating across all tools with Advantek’s Unified Asset Intelligence Solution can you build a continuous, comprehensive view of your assets – your attack surface – so you can identify previously unknown gaps in your security coverage and security controls This enables you to comprehensively deploy your existing security investments everywhere they need to be. 


Dedicated Ransomware Protection Technology

Once your attack surface has been mapped and we have confirmation that the foundational security controls are in place, Advantek’s Ransomware and Malware Prevention (RAMP) solution is deployed. RAMP is a purpose-built technology to stop ransomware attacks with a ‘key’ to unlock those not protected. The lightweight solution is designed to coexist and enhance existing endpoint protection platforms. 


Continuous Monitoring of Your Attack Surface

Continuous monitoring of your attacks surface alerts you to any gaps that may arise as devices come and go daily, systems break and are replaced. Advantek’s Unified Asset Intelligence Solution continuously monitors your attack surface and immediately alerts you to gaps that appear so you can remediate them. A single PC, left unguarded, becomes the weakest link.