About Us

Planning for a Scalable Future

Advantek enhances your data protection and compliance programs through our portfolio of solutions and advisory services.   

Our team of highly qualified services professionals mastered these disciplines through actual on-the-job field experiences, enabling them to quickly understand your data challenges and act as an extension of your existing Legal, Privacy and IT Security Teams.

We enhance our client’s existing investments in technology, people and processes, while we operationalize policies and processes across your network environment, and automate Data Governance & Privacy, Data Protection, and Data Discovery & Response in real-time, on a continuous, go-forward basis.

Our unique Digital Management Platform delivers multiple business outcomes helping our clients address critical digital information and cyber security challenges while reducing cost and risk.  Our proprietary reporting and real-time dashboards provide your teams and Boards of Directors clear visibility into your organization’s data governance and cybersecurity risk posture with actionable insights to remediate gaps.

A Growth Mindset

Advantek moves to where the market is going, not where it is now

With privacy-by-design in mind, our Continuous Compliance solution provides board-level assurances that the information governance and cyber-readiness processes associated with GDPR and CCPA compliance are defensible and operationalized. 

Boardroom-ready reporting

Arm your board members with unprecedented visibility into your corporation’s data privacy risk profile at all times, knowing that you’ve applied the industry’s best practices in adhering to all applicable privacy legislature on a continuous basis. maintaining compliance with all data privacy legislation against industry benchmarks on a historic, real-time, and predictive basis.

Advantek intellectual property and resources

Our Digital Management Platform is backed by our team of risk prevention and compliance experts, each with decades of experience and expertise in data privacy and advanced technology solutions. Coupled with our transformational solutions, our subject matter experts are there to work with you every step of the way.

Committed to your Success

Our Experience

The combination of our team, strategic partners, and investors create a unique formula for success.

Our Technology

Our next generation digital management platform and technologies help your company gain a competitive advantage and drive growth.

Trusted Advisors

The Advantek team will always have the best interest of our clients and investors in mind when making business decisions.