Asset Intelligence

Advantek Asset Intelligence

A comprehensive asset inventory is critical as it is the foundation of every security program. However, deriving a comprehensive, unified asset view is deceptively complex. It is a resource-intensive process of consolidating, reconciling, and deduplicating disparate sources of information to determine the true inventory quantities. This can be further complicated by conflicting reports of assets generated by different tools and systems.

Fixing a decades-old problem

Our cloud-native asset intelligence platform delivers converged asset inventory and generates real-time asset telemetry which is then published for use by other IT systems. The Asset Intelligence Solution “makes sense” of the data companies already have, enabling their existing systems and processes to be even more effective.

Our unified asset inventory view is derived from the otherwise disparate inventory sources, is the ability to reduce risk by closing product coverage gaps across the existing investments (enhance tool deployment, license right sizing, etc.)